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On the Costa Blanca and in fact throughout Spain it is compulsory for divers to have insurance that specifically covers you for scuba diving. Here at Dive! Dive! Dive! we whole heartedly recommend Aqua Med Insurance. Not only does it cover you for scuba diving, it also gives you comprehensive medical insurance when travelling abroad.
To apply for your Dive Card Basic simply click on the link at the bottom of the page.
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There are not many insurance providers who will meet the costs of treating diving accidents (decompression illnesses) in a hyperbaric chamber. The treatment can be very expensive and many diving bases require evidence of the fact that you are covered in case of a claim, together with a corresponding statement confirming the direct billing facility.
With aqua med, you have optimal protection when travelling and when diving!
Specialising as it does in diving and travel medicine and providing an inclusive insurance package for diving accidents and overseas travel, aqua med has been active in both the German and international markets for more than 10 years now.
Aqua med offers divers and travellers a variety of services, e.g. travel medical advice, diving fitness examinations or first-aid seminars for divers and diving instructors.
With the aqua med trademark, MHW is able to draw on our extensive specialist knowledge, something which is of direct benefit to our customers. Our customer card, the dive card, offers divers a comprehensive safety package.
Dive Card Basic
The dive card basic offers all-round protection worldwide when travelling or diving. It is specially tailored to the needs of scuba divers and leisure divers.
The key benefits of the aqua med dive card basic in overview:

  • 24/7 medical emergency hotline: Direct 24-hour access to our emergency physicians, without being put through to a call centre.

  • Professional emergency management worldwide: All arrangements would be made for any further treatment required in an emergency, even including return transport to your country of residence where necessary.
  • Storage of medical data: You would have the option to store your medical data, such as blood group, allergies or drug intolerance in the aqua med emergency database. Storing your medical data means that your information is directly accessible to the aqua med physicians in an emergency.

  • Medical insurance when travelling abroad: Comprehensive cover for treatments and ambulance transport with unlimited worldwide coverage of costs. Health insurance is available for 56 consecutive days abroad in each case.

  • Diving accident insurance: We meet the costs of hyperbaric chamber treatments, with unlimited worldwide coverage of such costs.
The Dive Card Basic costs just €49 per year!
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